What Is Get Media L.I.T.?

Get Media L.I.T. is an educational program that boosts critical thinking, literacy levels, and test scores by teaching students media literacy, the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media content. By using the media content that students engage with every day like videos, articles, comics, and vlogs, Get Media L.I.T. gets students engaged in the classroom and teaches them how to use media to better themselves and their communities.

The Problem

After a long school day, students are unengaged

In one study, students were bored in school 70% of the time.

Unengagement yields underperformance

66% of middle and high school students aren’t reading on grade level.

When students underperform, they leave the classroom unprepared

A Stanford study found that 70% of students lacked the civic reasoning required to be digital citizens.

Our Solution

Get Media L.I.T. uses content that resonates with students, including comedic videos, memes, articles, and superheroes to improve classroom performance and teach them 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, media literacy, collaboration, and empathy.

L.I.T. learning is the best learning

Instead of getting kids away from media, we bring media to the classroom with Common Core-aligned lessons and activities that use real-world examples to help students learn.

If we get students lit, we boost their academic achievement and individual development

Media literacy improves student performance. In addition to teaching how to debunk fake news, identify media bias, and create content to uplift their communities, Get Media L.I.T. increases critical thinking, traditional literacy, and improves test scores.

Standards and Initiatives Aligned

Get Media L.I.T. is directly aligned with education initiatives such as Common Core, ESSA, CASEL, CCRPI, and CTAE, so schools can meet benchmarks while giving students the opportunity to have a unique learning experience. It also uses cutting-edge education principles such as personalized learning, competency-based evaluation, and gamification to help students grow.

How We Do It

The 5 Core Skills

Get Media L.I.T. distills media literacy into five core principles. Learning these skills prepares students to be digital citizens.

Skill #1
All media is constructed

Skill #2
Media uses influence to gain money or power

Skill #3
Media affects the way you see the world

Skill #4
All media is biased based on the objective of the creator

Skill #5
You have the power to control how media affects you

L.I.T. = Learn, Inquire, Transform

Unit 1


Students learn what media is and where it comes from

Unit 2


Students learn how to analyze all media that they engage with

Unit 3


Students learn how to create their own media to uplift their communities

Our Method

Get Media L.I.T. is flexible enough to fit into your classroom time. Low on time? Our lessons can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. Have a lot of time? Use our class discussions and group activities to engage students for an entire period. By using the platform for as little as 10 minutes, 3 times a week, all of your students will be media literate by the end of the program.


Get Media L.I.T. has received multiple awards and recognition from a number of press sources.

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