Lit Learning is the Best Learning

Get Media L.I.T. is a learning tool that uses videos, comics, and superheroes to teach middle and high school students media literacy. By bringing media into the classroom, Get Media L.I.T. increases traditional literacy and improves student performance while teaching them a valuable 21st Century Skill.

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Core Skill 1: All Media is Constructed

Students perform in depth analysis to identify media authors and evaluate their points of view

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Core Skill 2: Media uses Influence to Gain Money or Power

Students investigate the revenue streams and profitability of major media forms

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Core Skill 3: Media Effects the Way You See the World

Students apply socio emotional learning principles to understand how media content effects their worldview and how they treat others

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Core Skill 4: All Media is Biased Based on the Intentions of the Creator

Students use critical thinking to recognize media bias and manipulation.

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Core Skill 5: You Have the Power to Control How Media Affects You

Students are empowered with the skills needed to create media that uplifts their communities

We teach students that critical thinking and creativity are the only super powers they need to change the world.


"Get Media L.I.T. engages students with information that empowers them to succeed inside of the classroom and out in the real world."

Wisdom Amouzou of the HadaNou Collective

"One of the things that we appreciate so greatly is that you were able to connect with each student right where they were an allowed him to see that some of the strengths and some of the desires of the things they want to accomplish all that is within their grasp and they’re able to make an impact on society around them."

John Reed from the Fulton Arrow Council


Get Media L.I.T. has received multiple awards and recognition from a number of press sources.